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Web Design Gold Coast

Stronger business starts with sharper web design

It’s finally here! Professional web design for Gold Coast businesses.

Stop looking at the stars. Send your business skyrocketing toward new possibilities. Spark’s Gold Coast web design service will launch your online presence ahead of your competitors. Our edge comes from how we personalise our product to each client. We get to know you, learning everything we can about your business and your customer, then we design a digital experience that hits the mark, every time.

With Spark as your co-pilot, we make sure that online opportunities don’t pass you by. We have the technical expertise to get you in front of the best digital solution, saving you from all of the headaches and hair-pulling that comes from trying to do it alone. Our dedicated in-house team is always on top of the newest web design technologies. We make sure your Gold Coast business is positioned at the highest levels of the online market and, with flexible maintenance and service agreements, we ensure that you stay there.

Check out what we’ve done for some of our satisfied customers.

We deliver expert web design that you will love.

Expect a well written and designed website that delights your users.

Your website design can be the engine that powers customer engagement for your Gold Coast based business. Spark can show you how to leverage all of the digital tools at your disposal to plan and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Our marketing specialists will get you across all the ins and outs of using Google Adwords, search engine optimisation, social media and direct email marketing. Your new website design will change how you do business!

Right now, your website design isn’t doing what you want it to. Maybe you have an unfinished product from another supplier, or maybe you’re starting from scratch. Whatever the case, don’t let your designs languish away unread, mired in dated software and user interfaces. Let Spark bring your web design into a new light. We involve you in the development cycle 100% of the way to guarantee a personalised product that you will love.

Steven Keats / Preference Floors

Great working with Spark Interact, from creative design to web creation and optimisation. Carol, Mackey and their team have provided enormous support and creative input to help us manage the complexity of presenting our growing product range and online presence. They remain valued member of our business support network.

Barry Cussell & Robert Wood / Director LED Direct

A lovely team, that actually listens to the clients needs.
They are professional attentive and drive projects along, great for busy businesses.

Reach a new business milestone

Equip your workforce with a secret weapon.

The online space is transforming how businesses engage with their audiences. Understanding how your organisation can reach beyond Gold Coast markets through their digital presence is a key part of any communication strategy. It is Spark’s aim as a Digital Marketing Agency to find and implement the best digital solutions and web designs to keep you up to speed with your leading competitors.

The problem that most businesses face, however, is developing a digital marketing strategy that works within their time and budget constraints. We understand that. We work with you to develop a plan that best fits your requirements. Plus, our service is customisable, so you’re free to choose only the features you need. Then, when the time comes for you to upscale your digital efforts, we’ll be there to support you from where you last left off.

Dr Amalie Finlayson
Director of Communications - Opportunity Child

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:25 pm

I sought the services of Spark Interact as I needed a website built quickly and easily. I benefited from the responsive, thoughtful work of the Spark team and their creative interpretation of my brief. They were always calm and able to adapt to our changing requirements on the go. They helped us to create a new, bright, engaging website with a usable back end in a timely fashion. We now have a much more flexible, usable website and content management system to communicate about our initiative. Spark were always accessible, listened carefully and translated our brief into a website that really suited our needs.

Luom Ousby Designer

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:26 pm

Working recently with Spark Interact to create a Custom Website for my business has been such a lovely, stress free experience. I highly recommend their services! And I will continue to use them for any future projects. Carol and Mackey, were so accommodating to any requests that I had, and responded so promptly. During all meetings they really helped me with their expert advice to steer me in the right direction to live out the vision I had for my business. Their personal and professional service is 10/10. Which is so important these days when running any business.

Thanks so much Carol, Mackey and Aimee for all your effortless work and commitment, and creating this fantastic website!!!

John Theoharris
Commercial Services Manager - TABMA Australia

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 02:33 pm

We have been using Spark for the last five years for the TABMA website, hosting and maintenance. The standard of the the service is excellent and they have really added value to our web presences.

Byrons Drums
Director - Ethical Grocer

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

We were not the most easiest of clients! But the team @ Spark interact took in on (even with our small budget) and helped us refine our website. The key to our future growth is to provide a simple way for people to be well informed about affordable Organics and Mackey and his team is not only taking care of our present needs but always in discussion about our potential need for our customer group and ourselves.

Leasa Hammoud
Commercial Director - City Fine Foods

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Hi guys,

You have been helpful, efficient and extremely patient. I was reluctant (petrified) to enter the “computer web world” HOWEVER, you have made it so simple, EXTREMELY effective and not so scary! You have convinced me to come to terms that a “type writer” is a thing of the past now. Your extensive knowledge of marketing is great. Your guidance with printing, on-hold messages, THANK YOU for organising domains, emails, effort, the education and the “Spark” you put into our business!!!

Limitless web design options

Clever UI & UX

Present your professionalism with an intuitive customer journey

• Adaptable mobile designs
• Bespoke visual design
• Brand unity
• Interactive elements
• User-centric layouts
• Fully extensible

Marketing tools

Lock in your online presence with a
host of marketing tools

• Google Analytics support
• Direct email marketing
• Social media feeds
• Live chat integration
• Page translation services

Limitless web design options


Create an online store with 24 hour availability that digitises your product catalogue for international audiences.

• Product listings
• Costing tables
• Encrypted transactions
• Sales conversion integration

Custom Web Development

Competitive site speeds and protected browsing for your website design

• Page speed optimisation
• Site security firewalls

Web maintenance

Prevent your web design from falling behind with scheduled improvements

• Flexible maintenance and service agreements
• Fresh content roll-out plans

Mobile Responsive

Take advantage of technology going mobile. Upgrade your web design to be adjustable to Phone and tablet displays.

Custom Design

Project the perfect image of your business online. We develop personalised answers for our Gold Coast web design clients, crafted to the core requirements of their business.


Sharpen your written content to cut through the online clutter. Our copywriting team keeps your web design copy lean and targeted, engaging your audience.

Interactive Image Sliders

Make an immediate impression with interactive image sliders. Direct the attention of your visitors with dynamic visuals to keep them on your page for longer.

Google Analytics Integration

Remove the guesswork out of running a business on the Gold Coast. Google Analytics lets you make data-led decisions to better target your customers.

Site Wide Contact

Open up communication lines for your customers. Site wide contact gives visitors the ability to send their sales queries directly to you.

Email Signup

Proactively generate leads with an email signup form built directly into your website design. Use this database as a springboard to boost your marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Systems

Don’t miss an opportunity for sales conversion. A direct email marketing system lets you promote your products and add value for returning customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Make the algorithm your ally with a site optimised to be found through search engines. Spark will prime your content to show up as a top result for prospective clients.


Show your customers that they can trust your service. Incorporating a blog displays your expertise and gets your site discovered.

Image/Video Gallery

You need to capture the attention of site visitors quickly, before they move on. Use embedded videos and images to educate and entertain in the most compelling way.

Product Catalogues

Spark will digitise your product catalogue for quick and easy online browsing. Whatever you sell, we work with you to create the features you need.


Go global with an international eCommerce website that supports customer purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Leave no market outside of your company’s reach.

Social Media

Generate some buzz around your business. We’ll help you run effective social media campaigns that actively engage your customers.

Language Translation

Localise your content for any audience. We support translation services for your web design to start off customer relationships the right way.

Live Chat Popups

Turn your web design into a sales hub with live chat windows. Open a connection for instant discussion between you and your client and jump on sales enquiries as they come in.

Listen to our client stories…

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Recently updated on September 16th, 2021 at 04:58 pm

“The way they simplified everything for us was absolutely fantastic”.

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Recently updated on September 16th, 2021 at 04:57 pm

“It was clear from the beginning that they were a good match for us”.

Web Design FAQs

When your website design prioritises the user experience, it really shows in the satisfaction of your customers. By reducing the number and severity of user-end technical frustrations, you will increase the likelihood of visitors returning to your online service. When all it takes is a few obvious clicks to get to purchase, you are actively increasing your rates of sales conversion. The easier to use your web design is, the more likely that customers will choose your service over others, whether or not they are based in the Gold Coast.
The web design for your Gold Coast business is what creates the first impression for your online customers. The experience of navigating its features, the professionalism of its layout, and the quality of its content all contribute to the market perception of your brand. A smart web design with a great visual style inspires trust in the capabilities of your business, unlocking the ability to promote your services without triggering consumer cynicism.

We recommend that you think through the following steps before making an investment in a web design provider:

  1. Find and read any testimonials that you can. Satisfied customers indicate good service.
  2. Consider your long term goals. Work with a provider that is looking for an ongoing partnership.
  3. Make sure that your web design provider offers a full-service package, saving you time and money as a single vendor.
  4. Prioritise providers that cater to Gold Coast businesses. Local web designers will have the insider knowledge about your audience that you need.
The web design Gold Coast service kicks off with a collaborative meeting to systematically breakdown all of your business needs and future targets. This knowledge is vital in drafting out the initial web design frameworks, which undergoes progressive revision based on your feedback. Once you have approved a layout, the team then gets started on developing the visual and written content whilst our dedicated web engineers build the site infrastructure. After a process of rigorous testing and optimisation, we deliver polished website design that is battle-tested and ready to go live!
The amount of time that it takes to complete the web design Gold Coast process is contingent on a few variables. From the initial meeting to the final release of the website design, there are many opportunities for our clients to offer feedback and request for additional features. The speed at which these interactions occur, as well as the technical requirements of the project itself, ultimately determine the timeframes. That said, we generally advise that a 10 page, fully personalised web design will take anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks to conceive, create, and deliver.
The amount of self-made content that you want to include in your website design is completely up to you! The point of Spark’s web design service is for you to achieve your desired end product, no matter what that looks like. We have a full team of in-house copywriters and graphic designers that will collaborate with our Gold Coast clients to make compelling, original content for your company. We can create logos, animations, stories, articles, anything at all! We can even organise photography services to perfectly capture what your business is all about.
Absolutely we can! We believe that regular, thorough revamps of your website design are necessary to keep pace with the growth of your business. As such, we offer a host of redesigning services to upgrade the visual layout, written content, marketing strategies, and overall user experience for your website. If you need guidance, we also provide in-depth performance analysis of your online services to locate the areas that are in most need of improvement.
Spark’s Gold Coast web design package provides complete coverage across content creation, marketing and maintenance services. We offer specialised assistance with user Interface design, user experience testing, visual design, copywriting, search engine marketing, multimedia integration, hosting services, and more. We are your single vendor for web design, with a team of experts on-hand and ready to help with any step of the process.
Technology moves quickly and new online trends seem to pop up every day. To know when it’s time to adapt to stay connected to your audience, keep an eye on your Gold Coast competitors. Tracking whenever they bring on new technologies will ensure that your customers aren’t being offered more robust online alternatives. To stay well ahead, follow what the biggest players in your industry are doing and adopt those trends early. Most importantly, though, make sure that your web design is being developed alongside your business. When your services and scope expand, it needs to be reflected in your digital brand.
Qualified web designers offer more than just fancy graphics and hyperlinks. Getting your page discovered by customers requires a great deal of subtlety in the way the back-end of the web design is built. Engaging a professional will give you access to some of the more niche skill sets required, such as search engine optimisation, user experience design, extensible infrastructure, and mobile compatibility. A web design without these technical considerations will often be at the mercy of the dreaded online algorithm, being overlooked by your Gold Coast customers and lost at sea amongst the millions of search results.