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Website design that does more for your business

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Spark Interact offers web design and development services to Manly businesses.

If you have chosen to do business in the Manly region, you have made a great decision. There are huge growth and market prospects to take advantage of in the area, it’s just a matter of getting that first foothold. This is why website design is an important topic for your Manly business.The rise of technology and digital solutions has made the business space in every industry more competitive by enabling larger and larger influxes of new players every year. To succeed in generating more business, you must first strengthen your online presence. A great website design can play a decisive role in your marketing efforts and is the first major step to boost sales and make more profits. The key to a successful website development project is to find the best Manly website design company – one that has rich experience in developing top-performing websites.

We love our clients and they love our service. See what they have to say.

What we do as a Manly website development firm.

We follow a thoughtful and planned approach to website design, enabled by our understanding of all kinds of companies and industries. Our web designers provide customised products to suit the nature and model of our client’s businesses. We go that extra mile to see that your website stands out from those of your competitors and attracts new visitors in great numbers, generating more sales and more profits.
Flooring showroom featuring diverse wood floors, a chair with a cushion, a potted plant, and a wooden table with a red handbag on the floor. Tabs for different page sections are intuitively designed at the top, showcasing excellent user interface principles in website development.

Steven Keats / Preference Floors

Great working with Spark Interact, from creative design to web creation and optimisation. Carol, Mackey and their team have provided enormous support and creative input to help us manage the complexity of presenting our growing product range and online presence. They remain valued member of our business support network.

Barry Cussell & Robert Wood / Director LED Direct

A lovely team, that actually listens to the clients needs.
They are professional attentive and drive projects along, great for busy businesses.

Gain access to some of the best local web designers.

Responsive website design is a must for businesses.
We approach the concept of Manly website design in a professional way. Our team of web designers and developers have wide-ranging capabilities across all major development platforms. We never compromise with the quality we deliver on a website development mission and we are known to produce excellent results, both on the design and with the SEO capabilities of the websites we develop. Our prices are economical and our solutions are advanced so that you will see higher ROI on your website development budget. When you partner with us to develop your website, you will see results fast.

Aspects we focus on while developing a business website.

Solid website design proactively engages visitors.

In this fast world, customers do not want to spend a lot of time in one place. In the few moments they spare for your business online you must be able to convey to them a powerful message about your company, products, and services.Our web designers pay detailed attention to the layout, colours, fonts, graphic elements and SEO capabilities of your website so that it can reach out to more customers online in a strategic way. A great website design for your Manly business is the key to success and we can let you achieve this with minimum investment.
Simon Popley
Director - Coaching Leadership

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Carol and Mackey at Spark Interact took the time to really understand my business and the clients I work with. They built a website which is interactive, creative and highly professional. The team at Spark were a pleasure to work with. They not only build great websites but have a great understanding of marketing in the digital space. I highly recommend their services and expertise.

Darryl Carthew
Owner - The Classic Factory

Your website is too good. I’m getting far more enquiries than I can cope with. I’m booked out for the next 12 – 18 months and I’m still getting 4 or 5 enquiries per week. If I had any more enquiries I’d cry!

Wayne Jones
Director - Canterbury Bankstown Towing

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Canterbury Bankstown Towing have used Spark Interact for more than 12 years. Spark manage our web design, Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation. We get great results for our business and would recommend Spark to any business that really wants to get it right the first time.

Kristina Turner

The Spark team did a great job with our website design. Responsive, regular updates, and good end result.

Marco Errichiello
Director - Rich & Oliva Real Estate

Recently updated on December 9th, 2020 at 03:01 pm

On behalf of myself Marco Errichiello and my firm here at Rich & Oliva real estate we would like the thank you for your upmost professionalism in handling our company face book page. From the moment we first met for our initial meeting we knew dealing with your firm would be a good decision, this was all proved with the amount put in to run the page, the resourceful and well put together posts, links and articles shared each day of the week and most importantly the feedback and reports provided along the way.

Access Robust Digital Offerings

Clever UI & UX

Craft a user experience with a lasting impression

• Mobile compatibility
• Customised website design
• Fluid branding
• Animated features
• Optimised ease-of-use
• Software adaptability

Marketing tools

Hit your target audience with unmatched precision.

• Access to Google Analytics
• SEO keywords
• EDM campaigns
• Integrated Social Media
• Live customer chat windows
• Translation support

Access Robust Digital Offerings


Step past the borders and reach internationally with a 24/7 online store.

• Stock catalogues
• Updatable price guides
• Encrypted payment services
• Inbuilt conversion strategies

Custom Web Development

Unlock faster page speeds and browsing protection for your users.

• Optimal page speeds
• Firewall protection

Web maintenance

Ensure your website is ahead of the curve with continuous improvements.

• Service maintenance with transparent costing
• Content support and scheduling

Mobile Responsive

Build your web design to adjust to any screen size and give your customers a quick and convenient way to browse your site.

Custom Design

Our bespoke service means that we build you a customised web design solution, targeting the consumer and company needs that matter most to your business.


Support the new look of your web design with concise, effective copy. We target your message to leave an impression on your audience.

Interactive Image Sliders

Utilise image sliders to create an interactive visual experience for your users and draw them deeply into your web design.

Google Analytics Integration

Integrate Google Analytics into your website design to unlock actionable insights for your traffic and customers.

Site Wide Contact

By enabling site wide contact, you can stay on top of queries as they come in and open up new opportunities for customer communication.

Email Signup

Boost your lead generation with an email signup form built directly into your website design.

Email Marketing Systems

Extend the reach of your next campaign by implementing an effective sales conversion and value-adding email marketing system.

Search Engine Optimisation

Rise to the top of the search results page with a Spark built site. We incorporate SEO tactics into your web design so it never gets overlooked.


Foster a trust in your brand with regular blog posting. Share your industry insights to stay relevant and bring in more website traffic.

Image/Video Gallery

Embed shareable audiovisual content into your web design to get your brand’s message across in a matter of seconds.

Product Catalogues

Showcase your stock with custom-built catalogues that include technical specs, expandable images, tabbed content and more. Whatever your needs are, we design a solution for you.


Develop a digital store with global reach. Give your customers 24 hour online access to your catalogue and make purchasing simple.

Social Media

We’re here to support your social media campaigns with real world tactics and strategies to uplift your online presence.

Language Translation

Engage with our language translation services to open up new market possibilities for your website.

Live Chat Popups

Turn your website into a floor for direct customer engagement with instant messaging support. Resolve queries as they emerge and never miss another lead.

Listen to our client stories…

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“They’ve created a very personal service in their business”.

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“It would take a lot to change our minds and think outside of Spark.”

Web Design FAQs

The web designers at Spark create a bespoke product for your business, starting right with their initial collaboration with you to learn all about your audience and industry. With this knowledge, the team will craft a wireframe that outlines a proposed site. If it ticks all the boxes, our web designers then jump right into designing the visual elements and creative copy to bring the diagrams to life. Then, they start building the live site, programming and testing all of your requested features until you have a fully workable product ready to be broadcast on the web.
Because we offer a customised service, no two projects are delivered in the same way. The amount of time our web designers need will depend on the number and complexity of your requested features, the size of the project, and how frequently client collaboration occurs. Considering this, the average timeframe that we suggest to complete a 5-10 page web design is between 4-16 weeks, starting from initial ideation up until final publishing of your finished website.
Spark’s team of web designers is multi-talented, enabling us to create all of our content in-house. We have professional digital artists that can create eye-popping graphic designs, trained copywriters that add a sizzle to your summaries, and SEO/SEM experts that know all the ins-and-outs of getting search engines to love your site. We even have marketing experts on board that can assist in rolling out advertising campaigns on all digital platforms, whether your targeting your local Manly audience or looking beyond! And, once your website is all set up, we also offer web hosting and technical support services.
We offer a fully modular suite of services, meaning that Spark’s web design Manly package can be customised to only include the features that you want. Perhaps you just need a brand refresh? Or maybe you’re only running a short-run digital marketing campaign? Contact us and we’ll guide you through the best options for your business and leave you free to pick and choose as you see fit! Trim the excess services you don’t need and cut down the costs with Spark.