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Web Design Melbourne

Web design to level-up your Melbourne business

Finally! A website design team that knows your Melbourne audience.

Stop waiting, elevate your business above the rest. Website design with Spark’s professional web design team will give you an edge over your competitors in Melbourne by providing a tailor-made user experience. Once we get to know your business, we can laser-focus your brand on attracting the consumers you want and then give them an unforgettable customer journey.

You started your business with a destination in mind, we know that. Let us remove the technical barriers that stop you achieving your goals. Working with Spark means that you can continue to provide the best service possible while we help you find your audience online. We stay on top of all of the most exciting web design technologies for the customer so we can make sure your company stays at the cutting edge. Web design with us means that your company will stand out amongst all of your competitors online, and we offer monthly service arrangements to make sure that your image never becomes outdated.

See what our other clients have to say about our Melbourne web design services.

Great web design is what we’re known for.

Simple to use and easy to read. Your new website design will be a joy to navigate!

Is your website designed to take advantage of your full capabilities to advertise your brand in Melbourne? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we can help you create a thorough digital marketing strategy that utilises all that the internet has to offer. We can take you through best practice web design for search engine optimisation, Google Adwords, and email marketing. Plus, we can help boost your social media presence with digital marketing strategies designed to bring in new business. Your new website design will be the centre for all of this and more.

No matter where you’re at with your current website design, we can help you take it to the next level. We’re willing to work with you every step of the way to make sure we deliver the product that you envision. At Spark, we have a proven track record of delivering professional, top of the field website design that is sure to satisfy.

Steven Keats / Preference Floors

Great working with Spark Interact, from creative design to web creation and optimisation. Carol, Mackey and their team have provided enormous support and creative input to help us manage the complexity of presenting our growing product range and online presence. They remain valued member of our business support network.

Barry Cussell & Robert Wood / Director LED Direct

A lovely team, that actually listens to the clients needs.
They are professional attentive and drive projects along, great for busy businesses.

Do you want more for your business?

Engage customers. Empower staff.

The business landscape has changed and digital marketing is now the norm. Most, if not all, modern marketing campaigns are focused on the digital, but it can be hard to know which online tool is right for your organisation. New technologies are emerging everyday, and finding the best fit can mean unlocking a whole new world for how you run your business.

How do you find this perfect fit? That’s where a Digital Marketing Agency like Spark comes in. We know you’re running on a deadline, and every business has a budget, so we help narrow the scope for website design to the options that suit your specific needs.

With our support and advice, you can be confident that you find the best digital solution to take full advantage of your business’s capabilities.

Darryl McGarry
HH Hotels

Had Spark Interact prepare our business capability statement to submit for tender. We received copy, sent it across to the potential account, and then quickly received an invitation to proceed.

Geraldine St George
Director - St George & Associates

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Mackey & Carol and their team at Spark Interact were enthusiastic and motivated to deliver our requested outcomes within the framework of time and value. We are Chartered Accountants and have used Spark Interact for our Client’s projects. We highly recommend Spark Interact for your digital media advertising and marketing requirements.

Luom Ousby Designer

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:26 pm

Working recently with Spark Interact to create a Custom Website for my business has been such a lovely, stress free experience. I highly recommend their services! And I will continue to use them for any future projects. Carol and Mackey, were so accommodating to any requests that I had, and responded so promptly. During all meetings they really helped me with their expert advice to steer me in the right direction to live out the vision I had for my business. Their personal and professional service is 10/10. Which is so important these days when running any business.

Thanks so much Carol, Mackey and Aimee for all your effortless work and commitment, and creating this fantastic website!!!

Dr Amalie Finlayson
Director of Communications - Opportunity Child

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:25 pm

I sought the services of Spark Interact as I needed a website built quickly and easily. I benefited from the responsive, thoughtful work of the Spark team and their creative interpretation of my brief. They were always calm and able to adapt to our changing requirements on the go. They helped us to create a new, bright, engaging website with a usable back end in a timely fashion. We now have a much more flexible, usable website and content management system to communicate about our initiative. Spark were always accessible, listened carefully and translated our brief into a website that really suited our needs.

Leasa Hammoud
Commercial Director - City Fine Foods

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Hi guys,

You have been helpful, efficient and extremely patient. I was reluctant (petrified) to enter the “computer web world” HOWEVER, you have made it so simple, EXTREMELY effective and not so scary! You have convinced me to come to terms that a “type writer” is a thing of the past now. Your extensive knowledge of marketing is great. Your guidance with printing, on-hold messages, THANK YOU for organising domains, emails, effort, the education and the “Spark” you put into our business!!!

Unlock your online potential

Clever UI & UX

Supercharge the customer journey from the first click.

• Mobile compatibility
• Tailored web design
• Unified branding
• Multimedia possibilities
• Intuitive interface
• Extendable platform

Marketing tools

A complete web design toolkit to reach and keep hold of your audience.

• Google Analytics
• Targeted SEO
• Email marketing campaigns
• Embedded Social Media
• Real-time chat windows
• Translation support

Unlock your online potential


Build a digital marketplace to bring your services around the world.

• Full stock listings
• Up to date pricing
• Secure payment services
• Customer conversion tools

Custom Web Development

Ensure the security and performance of your website design.

• Optimise page speeds
• Network security

Web maintenance

Stay on top of trends with ongoing web design support.

• Affordable maintenance plans
• Project plans for ongoing content

Mobile Responsive

Everyone in Melbourne has a phone, so ensure your website can dynamically adjust to the small screen.

Custom Design

As a first impression, your website needs to represent your unique business. We tailor all of our web designs to the specific needs of our Melbourne clients to maximise customer engagement.


Concise, fluid, and engaging. That is the promise of our written content for you. The value of original copy that ‘clicks’ with your audience is immeasurable in growing a customer base.

Interactive Image Sliders

Make your website design more than text. Add interactive image sliders so your customers can be engaged on a whole new axis and explore your services for themselves.

Google Analytics Integration

Site-integrated Google Analytics means you have the power to chart site traffic, page effectiveness, and consumer trends.

Site Wide Contact

Be ready to answer customer feedback whenever it is raised. Site wide contact embedded in your web design lets you respond live and provide personalised online service.

Email Signup

Give your clients a communication channel and power your email marketing campaigns with a lead database pulled from an email signup form.

Email Marketing Systems

Turn leads into customers with a targeted email marketing system designed to grow your sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whatever browser your customer is using, you want your site to be the top result. With our Search Engine Optimisation service you can be sure that you will be on page one when your customer comes looking.


Display your professional expertise with a regular blog page. We’ll guide you through how to produce and schedule your content to gain a loyal readership.

Image/Video Gallery

Enhance the page with visual content and entertain visitors with shareable videos and images. If you’re proud of what you do, don’t just tell your customers, show it to them!

Product Catalogues

We provide the full suite of product cataloguing, including enhanceable product images, technical specification tables, and accurate stock browsing interfaces. Or, if you need something specific, we’re happy to work with you and make it happen.


Let the customer purchase from you directly wherever, whenever, with a Spark designed online store that operates internationally.

Social Media

Get your customers talking about you online with a social media plan that reaches across all platforms, researched and supported by us at Spark.

Language Translation

Localise your website design with translation support from the Spark team to engage more effectively with overseas markets.

Live Chat Popups

Get on top of client enquiries immediately with live chat windows and give yourself the opportunity to turn customer interactions into sales.

Listen to our client stories…

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“They’re genuine. You feel they really want to understand your business

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Recently updated on September 16th, 2021 at 04:58 pm

“Spark helps me bring to reality the things that I dream about”.

Web Design FAQs

A good user experience influences a customer’s impression of your company. If visitors find your website design easy to use and can find the information they want quickly, they are much more likely to return to your site. The fewer online barriers that are put between the visitor and your services, the higher the chance that they will become a customer. User focused web design means people will want to use your site.

Your organisation’s credibility is tied to the impression that your website design gives. Making a fluid customer journey from your site to your services will see an increase in customer leads, conversion and trust. From there you’ll see new opportunities for targeted product offers and promotions to generate further sales.

  1. Have a look at user reviews; find testimonials of their website designing services.
  2. Consider the future. Try to find a web design company that wants to create lasting customer relationships.
  3. Search for the full package and find a web design company that can provide support at every step of your journey.
  4. Look in your local Melbourne area. Melbourne website designers will have a better understanding of your audience and competition than an interstate or overseas company would.

The very first step in the web design Melbourne process is to identify the gaps; the differences between the current product and your business vision. Once this is understood, a basic framework of your website design is mapped out to highlight the most important features. After client agreement, we then start designing the visual elements, reiterating based on feedback. When these elements are decided upon, the first version of the website design can be programmed.  What follows is a process of testing and revision until a final build of the website is produced. Then it’s just a matter of making the site live and welcoming the visitors in!

The speed of our web design Melbourne process is ultimately decided by the size of the project, the features required and how frequently our Melbourne clients supply feedback. As an example, a 5-10 page website could take from 4-16 weeks to deliver. This timeframe accounts for needs analysis, multimedia content generation, programming, copywriting, testing and final migration of the site.

Absolutely! Spark provides the full Melbourne website design service, so we are able to assist with all content creation. Our team includes talented writers that can spruce up your text or research and create new, sector specific written copy. Our web designers are also able to draw from their own artistic backgrounds to develop company logos, provide related visuals from our stock photo library, or arrange for Melbourne-based photography specialists to update your own assets.

Technology moves quickly, so it’s important to refurbish your site to meet modern demands. At Spark, we can use your existing website as a springboard, analysing what features are currently performing, or underperforming, and enhance those elements. We focus on updating your UX/UI, multimedia integration, search engine optimisation and more to bring your site up to speed.

Spark’s website design Melbourne services offer everything from getting your website found to keeping it up and running. We provide search engine optimisation services and user-focused web designs that focus around engagement and marketability, making sure you get visitors in and convert them to your services. We make sure that your site is visually striking and compelling to read and, after your site is up and running, we also offer ongoing site hosting and maintenance services.

To stay on top of digital trends, we recommend that your website is updated to a regular schedule. Being compatible with all mobile and desktop devices is a must to reach your full audience, and you don’t want your competitors to modernise and take away a slice before you do. You also need to consider that the demands on your website will increase as your customer base grows. Future growth can be diminished if your online presence isn’t kept to industry standard.

The professional integrity of your business is displayed through your website and it is a vital contact point for your customers. A web design expert can make sure that nothing is overlooked when creating your online image. They are typically more sensitive to the less obvious digital considerations, such as:

  1. Standout website design
  2. Fluid customer journey
  3. Mobile adaptability
  4. Creating a foundation for expansion
  5. SEO/SEM integration