Spark Interact offers web design and development services in Perth.

Your website is your store that never closes with a salesperson that never sleeps

Every company needs a website. But not just any website, it has to have user-friendly and captivating web design. Perth-based enterprises, whether starting or established, can reap the advantages of owning a stunning website. Designed professionally, your website acts as the virtual front office clerk that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only can it take orders from your customers, it can also be your ultimate marketing tool to boost online visibility.

If you already own a website and it’s not accessible through mobile, or it is obsolete because of an outdated or bland interface, our highly skilled Perth web designers can help you get the website of your dreams.

Our 7-step web design process

At Spark Interact, we have a 7-step process that we employ when working on Perth web design projects. This procedure has been developed and tested on our past projects and it’s been our fool-proof strategy to ensure a white-glove service to all our clients.

  1. Information gathering – At the initial stage, we gather all the information based on your vision for design. Our team will take account of all your business objectives and desired website functionality.
  2. Web layout conceptualisation – We then draft a web layout with all the basic structures included. Upon approval, our skilled web designers will work on your site’s customisation. When designing pages, we follow the best practices of web design. We make sure to build a balanced layout, verifying that light and dark hues look visually proportioned on all pages. We also pay close attention to contrasts, in order to define and draw attention to the right places effectively. In addition, we double-check for design consistency, as it is crucial for user-friendliness and easier readability.
  3. Design submission – Once the pages are done, we’ll submit the design to you for approval. With your feedback given, we’ll fine-tune the design based on your requirements.
  4. Content optimisation – To complete the pages, we have content writers that integrate SEO into the content. This will put your Perth company at the top of SERPs, giving you an edge over your competitors.
  5. Fine-tuning site features – Our team of seasoned programmers will inject the snippets and scripts required for your site functionality to work.
  6. Website function tests – As a final step before your website goes live, we’ll perform rigorous tests on the website functions.
  7. Continuous client support – Our Perth web design team doesn’t stop here, though. We’ll provide after-sales support and post-website maintenance to make sure your site’s design works and stays aesthetically engaging.
Responsive website design is a must for businesses.

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