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Web Design Sunshine Coast

Make your website design work for you

We have the answer! Web design experts that know Sunshine Coast businesses.

Trust the team at Spark for expert website design that will transform the way you do business. On each and every project, we work with you to develop an in-depth knowledge of your market position within the Sunshine Coast, who your customers are and how to make your service unforgettable, so that we can create a customised product to launch you ahead of your competition.

Is your dream web design still on the backburner, pushed aside to the ‘too-hard’ pile? Well, at Spark we have the technical skills to make it all possible. We specialise in creating website designs that both look and feel good, decoding the technological jargon to bring you a product that makes sense and gets results. Plus, with our flexible monthly maintenance arrangements, we’ll make sure your web design stays up to date and running without fail.

Our customers agree that we give great service! Read about it now.

Working with us means the best web design, everytime.

Your new web design’s clean, informative layout will make you smile.

Planning a digital marketing campaign becomes easy when you’re equipped with a strong website design. Spark will navigate the technical and show you exactly how to reach your audience with tools such as Google Adwords, search engine optimisation, email marketing and social media integration. You’ll have the limitless reach of the internet at your fingertips.

Our promise is to speed you to a digital solution, regardless of where you might be starting from. Even if you’ve hit a wall with another supplier, or are coming to us with a bit of a problem project, we have the professional experience to get you to the finish line. Using our proven project management methods, we involve our clients throughout the development cycle to ensure that we deliver a website design that checks every single requirement unique to your Sunshine Coast business.

Steven Keats / Preference Floors

Great working with Spark Interact, from creative design to web creation and optimisation. Carol, Mackey and their team have provided enormous support and creative input to help us manage the complexity of presenting our growing product range and online presence. They remain valued member of our business support network.

Barry Cussell & Robert Wood / Director LED Direct

A lovely team, that actually listens to the clients needs.
They are professional attentive and drive projects along, great for busy businesses.

Bring your business up to a new level

What your team needs to succeed

Every year it gets harder for businesses to find their footing in the marketplace. Whether you’re scaling up your organisation or breaking into the Sunshine Coast market, your success can hinge on how you engage with online communities. Leveraging the correct digital platforms will open up a highway for you to accelerate toward your business goals.

For companies of any size it’s a huge risk to go all in on a new technology and It’s rare that business owners have the budget, or the time, to support the trial and error needed to find the perfect digital solution.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Spark takes on this task for you, landing your business with the best-fit solution and the knowledge you need to use it.

Luom Ousby Designer

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:26 pm

Working recently with Spark Interact to create a Custom Website for my business has been such a lovely, stress free experience. I highly recommend their services! And I will continue to use them for any future projects. Carol and Mackey, were so accommodating to any requests that I had, and responded so promptly. During all meetings they really helped me with their expert advice to steer me in the right direction to live out the vision I had for my business. Their personal and professional service is 10/10. Which is so important these days when running any business.

Thanks so much Carol, Mackey and Aimee for all your effortless work and commitment, and creating this fantastic website!!!

Owen Guarin
Commercial Laundry Director - Four Seasons Hotels

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:25 pm

Spark Interact was commissioned by our company to generate a brand recognition and market exposure for the company. From web design, logo generation, advert exposure, booklets & brochures, client giveaways, decal, email set up etc. Spark Interact team has always been there to support and assist us in all our needs. In less than a year, we have increase our customer base considerably thanks to the help of these talented people. We are client for life. Well done guys!!

Darryl McGarry
HH Hotels

Had Spark Interact prepare our business capability statement to submit for tender. We received copy, sent it across to the potential account, and then quickly received an invitation to proceed.

Leasa Hammoud
Commercial Director - City Fine Foods

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Hi guys,

You have been helpful, efficient and extremely patient. I was reluctant (petrified) to enter the “computer web world” HOWEVER, you have made it so simple, EXTREMELY effective and not so scary! You have convinced me to come to terms that a “type writer” is a thing of the past now. Your extensive knowledge of marketing is great. Your guidance with printing, on-hold messages, THANK YOU for organising domains, emails, effort, the education and the “Spark” you put into our business!!!

Jaye Gallard & Brett Davis
Accolade Carpets

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:28 pm

Spark Interact has done an excellent job of creating our website for Accolade Carpets. We feel that the web design has achieved the goal of representing /communicating the quality of the service we provide. We are also working with Spark for Google Adwords which have been effective in boosting our website traffic. We are happy to partner with them and would highly recommend to business owners looking for skilled and dedicated people to help with their digital marketing/ web design needs.

Equip yourself for anything

Clever UI & UX

Crafting a user-centric design that your customers will love

• Mobile OS support
• Flexible design
• Clear branding
• Interactive design elements
• User-first interface
• Modular software

Marketing tools

Leverage your online capabilities to grow your brand

• Search engine marketing
• Integrated email marketing
• Google Analytics reporting
• Social media support
• Real-time chat support
• Translation services

Equip yourself for anything


Simple and fast online stores that sell your services to customers around the globe

• Digital Catalogues
• Stock pricing
• Encrypted payments
• Targeted sales tools

Custom Web Development

Reliable pages speeds and traffic security for your website design

• Load speed optimising
• Secure networking

Web maintenance

Post-launch support to keep your web design fresh

• Web maintenance service agreements
• Planned future content releases

Mobile Responsive

Project the best version of your Sunshine Coast business on any device with website designs that dynamically adapt to all screen sizes.

Custom Design

Don’t get lost amongst the crowd. Our completely bespoke web design Sunshine Coast process gives you an original look and feel that resonates with your customer.


We write custom copy that is direct, engaging and targeted to your Sunshine Coast audience. Spark transforms plain text to compel readers and boost sales conversion.

Interactive Image Sliders

Stop your readers from scrolling past you. Fit out your web design with interactive image sliders that pull them into your world.

Google Analytics Integration

Access a deeper understanding of your audience. Report on who is visiting your site with Google Analytics.

Site Wide Contact

Make customer communication a breeze with embedded contact channels across your web design. Get back to their queries quickly and easily and earn their loyalty.

Email Signup

Let your web design do the work for you! Integrate email signup forms to generate leads and expand the reach of your email campaigns.

Email Marketing Systems

Accelerate your sales conversions with email marketing systems that promote the products your customers are most interested in.

Search Engine Optimisation

Pull your site out from the search result depths. Rise to the top with content packages designed for search engine optimisation.


Build a hub for your industry knowledge with ongoing blogs. Draw in an audience and stay in the news with regular, topical blog posts.

Image/Video Gallery

Create multimedia content that entertains and educates. Including shareable videos and images in your website design will captivate audiences on any device.

Product Catalogues

Optimise your online product catalogue for ease of use and watch your sales soar. With customisable features built into your web design, we’ll make sales enquiries hassle-free.


Take your Sunshine Coast shopfront online with eCommerce systems. Extend your market reach to international audiences with digital stores open 24 hours a day.

Social Media

Drive social media campaigns that raise your profile amongst your audience and boost brand awareness.

Language Translation

Localise your website design for any language. Connect with overlooked markets within the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Live Chat Popups

Jump on top of customer queries as they come in. Live chat windows let you and your staff continue their prompt customer service online.

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Recently updated on September 16th, 2021 at 04:58 pm

“Spark helps me bring to reality the things that I dream about”.

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Recently updated on September 16th, 2021 at 04:57 pm

“It was clear from the beginning that they were a good match for us”.

Web Design FAQs

At its core, the quality of user experience dictates how happy your customer is. If your website design is clunky to use or if its layout is confusing, the odds of a user returning are very low. This leaves you vulnerable to competitors siphoning from your customer base, offering the same product wrapped in a smoother online experience. To combat this, prioritising usability in your website design is a must. Minimising the barriers from first contact to purchase for your users will see a huge improvement in sales conversion.

Commissioning a professional website design is an investment in your brand. Creating an easily accessible site with a clean aesthetic will project an image of your business that consumers can trust. From this foundation you can sell your services, convert leads, call customers to action and advertise promotions without triggering buyer suspicion. Good website design will make your customer interactions start on great terms.

  1. Find examples of past projects. Established web design companies will have evidence of their previous work.
  2. Consider the strength of their client relationships. Will they be receptive if your needs change?
  3. Start with a more robust package. It is easier to scale down than scale up, so choose a provider that can support you with every part of the project.
  4. Prioritise providers that target the Sunshine Coast! There are plenty of web design companies out there, but those that understand your target market are a little rarer.
Spark’s web design Sunshine Coast package kicks off with a needs analysis to work out, together, what features will need to be built for our clients. From there we create a full sitemap to prototype an initial web design draft. Depending on client approval, we then begin work on the visual elements and copywriting content. While this is being done, the first builds of the web design are programmed, tested and made ready for the finalised content. Then, once our clients sign-off on their preferred web design, we push the site live, online and ready for visitors.
Due to the highly customisable nature of the Sunshine Coast web design package, timeframes are obviously subject to a variety of factors. However, we generally recommend that a bespoke 10 page website design can take up to 16 weeks to publish, taking into consideration the amount of client feedback and requested features. This timeframe includes every step of the process, including project planning, content creation, programming, site testing and network maintenance.
You bet they do! We have a full in-house team dedicated to making your brand vision a reality. We excel at producing creative, engaging content, utilising copywriters capable of writing high-level text for any industry, as well as graphic designers who can create visuals to match your branding guidelines. If you need a quick solution, we can even pull from our enormous stock image library or set up photography services to get your company online as soon as possible. Contact Spark and see how we can tailor our web design Sunshine Coast service to your needs, budget and deadlines.

When you update your website design, you should be looking to enhance your existing online services with new digital tools. Take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of your current website design and look to improve the customer journey where possible. Provided your site is built on an extensible platform, you can bring in emerging design elements and functionalities to keep it modernised for the current market.

From a purely web design focused perspective, our Sunshine Coast service includes: User interface design and testing, user experience optimisation, integrated brand messaging and marketing systems, search engine marketing considerations, aesthetic design, hosting services and post-launch site maintenance. Spark’s services extend to all elements of web design and are fully customisable, so even if you’re looking for assistance with something that isn’t listed above, we are certain we can offer you a solution.

Think of your website design as an extension of your brand and your business identity. As such, it needs to be redesigned whenever you feel that it is becoming out of touch. If this sounds a bit too vague, have a look at what your competitors are doing and benchmark yourself against the current industry standards for online service. Keep yourself informed of emerging digital trends and be ready to adapt your web design to wherever the winds of change are set to blow.

Outside of the potential workload you can relieve from yourself, hiring a professional website designer will enhance your site with features that are often overlooked. What makes a site successful isn’t always so obvious and the attitudes of online audiences can seem to change on a whim. We recommend consulting a web design Sunshine Coast professional to cement your position by using techniques such as search engine friendly content and layouts, streamlined user experience, platform adaptability and future-proofed frameworks.