Website Design for Fashion

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Website Design for Fashion

When you think about fashion, it normally comes down to two things: functionality and trends. In many ways, website design for a fashion business is no different as it needs to function well, in addition to being on-trend and reflecting the target audience.

If you own a fashion business or are thinking of starting a clothing line, your website is going to be the place where people learn more about your brand and ultimately decide if they want to purchase from you.

Taking into consideration what works well for leading online fashion websites, this normally boils down to ease of navigation, a clear layout and a simple check-out system. After all, if your customers cannot see the clothes very well, or the layout is confusing, or even the check out system doesn’t work very well, it will ultimately lose you the sale.

Given fashion is a creative outlet, your website should reflect the overall theme and message of your brand. Regardless of your target audience, we can tailor a website design solution to suit. We can create a fully functioning e-commerce website, allowing you to sell your products not just in Australia but anywhere across the world.

For start-up fashion brands, you may also be looking to harness the power of social media to drive traffic to your website. Your website design can enhance these results by using clear SEO throughout, as well as displaying social media links and even posts on your webpages.

We can create stunning visual galleries of your products, with clear product descriptions, ratings and any other key information you want to display on your page. Your check-out process will be safe, secure, but also easy for customers to use. We can also implement a marketing strategy to further boost your e-commerce sales, including email and social media marketing. Whatever you require from your fashion website, here at Spark we will make it happen.

What Spark can bring to your website design:

  • Fully functional responsive design that directly corresponds to your target market.
  • A website layout that is straightforward for your clients to navigate, that works just as well on mobile as it does on other devices.
  • SEO integrated copy, ensuring your products and services are marketed directly at the client. Specific keywords will also help drive your website up the search engine rankings.
  • Visually aesthetic design tools used throughout which will best represent your business and clientele, harnessing the extensive experience of our team.
  • A friendly professional service which gets to the heart of your business to maximise the potential of your website.
  • Optional extras including Google Analytics, live chat pop-ups, language translation, product catalogues, email signups, image and video galleries, blogs and much more depending on your requirements.

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