Website Design​ for Jewellery businesses

Recently updated on December 18th, 2020 at 11:21 am

Website Design​ for Jewellery businesses

As any jewellery designer will know, so much craft and attention to detail goes into every single piece you make for your customers. As a designer and business owner though, the tough question to ask yourself is: Does my website reflect that same level of detail and quality as my jewellery does?

E-Commerce is a huge asset to your business, allowing you to sell your products not just in Australia but anywhere throughout the world. It means that the dainty or even statement pieces you create in your workshop could potentially be worn in any country which has an internet connection. With the powerful reach the internet can bring to your business, is your current website design harnessing this?

For example, is your website secure when customers are entering their details? Is it responsive on all devices, including mobile? Is the SEO driving enough traffic to your business? How about the design itself – are the visuals really selling your product, or could they be improved? It’s impossible to do everything yourself as an entrepreneur, that’s why here at Spark Interact our team is just as passionate about we do as what you do too.

>We will tailor your website design to maximise your visitor numbers and overall usability whilst keeping true to your brand’s ethos. Your customers will find your website easy to navigate to find exactly what they are looking for. With the option of adding picture or video galleries, you can fully demonstrate your pieces in all their glory so that even though the customer isn’t physically viewing them, it will feel as if they are. For sentimental pieces of jewellery, this will really take your customer on a journey, helping to replicate the luxury experience they would have with you in-store.

Responsive website design is a must for businesses.

What Spark can bring to your website design:

  • Fully functional responsive design that directly corresponds to your target market.
  • A website layout that is straightforward for your clients to navigate, that works just as well on mobile as it does on other devices.
  • SEO integrated copy, ensuring your products and services are marketed directly at the client. Specific keywords will also help drive your website up the search engine rankings.
  • Visually aesthetic design tools used throughout which will best represent your business and clientele, harnessing the extensive experience of our team.
  • A friendly professional service which gets to the heart of your business to maximise the potential of your website.
  • Optional extras including Google Analytics, live chat pop-ups, language translation, product catalogues, email signups, image and video galleries, blogs and much more depending on your requirements.

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