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Revitalise your website

Does your website look out of date? Refresh for a more professional look.
Pinpoint exactly what you can do to improve your website–right now!
A landing page for an education company.
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An employee gives a high five with the text employment advantage.
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“The people at Spark are cutting-edge creatives and always put the client first.”

Spark designs websites with purpose

With teams across Branding, Web Design and Digital Marketing we take the load off your shoulders and make your website transformation easy.

Our recent transformations

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A website design for the lcc rink.
A website design for a bakery.
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We amplify the effectiveness of your website

We take the guesswork out of web design, uncovering every detail that you can change right now to improve your website.


Is your website designed for the most popular device of all: mobile?

First Impressions

How concise, visually appealing and effective are your pages?


Is your navigation intuitive and does it direct customers to the right place?

Color Scheme

Are your brand colours consistent across your entire site?


Are your images and video optimised for speed, relevance and quality?

Forms & Interactions

Do your forms and buttons frustrate the user instead of delighting them?

Typography & Readability

Is your text easy to read on all devices and for all users?

We’ve transformed hundreds of brands across Australia

View some of our work

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Upgrading the user experience

The old landing page for Dymocks Tutoring wasn't offering users an intuitive experience. Spark redesigned its flow and navigation. Now customers can quickly get to the products they’re looking for.

Logo of Pinnacle including the text "Pinnacle" with a green figure incorporated into the letter "A".

A contemporary look for a dynamic brand

Pinnacle Fitness engaged Spark to provide a fresh look with new photography, on-brand images and dynamic interactions for a sleeker, more contemporary style.

Two web pages depict a fitness website with a focus on high-intensity training. The headings emphasize building strength and balancing fitness routines. Images of people exercising are featured throughout.
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Showcasing professionalism and innovation

MU Group sought the services of Spark to elevate their positioning to match their industry reputation. Their site revamp delivered a refreshing innovative edge to their brand.

What your Website Refresh Journey looks like

It all starts with a Website Assessment where we provide design and strategy advice for bringing the best-of-class design to your website.

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Website Assessment
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Concept + Planning
Client Feedback
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UI + Content Design
Client Feedback
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Development + QA
Client Feedback
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Your Refresh Goes Live!
Opportunity for feedback at every step.

Ready to refresh your website? Claim your free website assessment!

Book a free 1-on-1 consultation with a Spark expert. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
“Creating a Custom Website for my business has been such a lovely, stress free experience. I highly recommend their services!”

Web design FAQs​

How long does it take to develop a website?
Short answer: It varies. We’ll go over the kinds of timelines you can expect in our assessment. For a simple refresh, think a few weeks. If it’s a bit fancier, maybe a couple of months.
We can do either. Much like improving your home, we can simply put on a fresh coat of paint or do a major reno. Our assessment will give you an idea of your website’s problem areas and the amount of work needed..
Costs depend on the size and complexity of your website. Feel free to request a quote during your free website assessment to get an accurate cost for a tailored solution.
Search is a core service of Spark. When refreshing your website, we make sure your Search rankings don’t take a hit. In fact, we increase your SEO value by improving UI/UX, page speeds and ease of navigation.
If you’re happy with your current hosting, no worries—what we do works seamlessly in any online environment. However, if you’re site is still running slow after we’ve optimised it, then you should look at other hosting options.
Absolutely! Think of us as your website’s caretakers. We handle all the maintenance needed for your site to continue to shine. Just make sure to ask about our service arrangements during your free website assessment.
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