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What is expected from WordPress 3.6

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WordPress 3.6 which is expected around April 2013, is going to sport some wonderful features. You can expect a sneak preview of the features that are in development stage. These features are briefly explained below:

Better editorial controls

This is great news especially for bloggers and content publishers. Since WordPress 3.6 is focused on the post edit area, providing better tools and support to improve the editorial process of creating content with WordPress. There will be an editorial control feature called post lock which will allow website administrators and authors to lock a post so that other users cannot work on the same post until it is unlocked. This is a great feature especially for blogs with multiple authors. There will be an improved Autosave feature. Also talked about was saving unsaved changes in the browser’s local storage; you don’t have to worry about losing posts due to expired cookies, inadvertent navigation, loss of internet connection and the rest. In a case where such a situation arises, you will be able to resume editing exactly where you left off. In addition, with WordPress 3.6 there will be better handling of post revisions. It will highlight the changes with colors and visual elements making it easy for you to be able to quickly notice the differences between versions.

New and improved UI for post formats

Users will be able to choose and switch between post formats and the edit area will change based on the post format. These changes were as an inspiration from Alex King’s post format UI plugin.

Twenty Thirteen

This will be the new default WordPress theme. It will have a great support for post formats and unlike previous WordPress default themes, there will be a lot of bold colors used in the Twenty Thirteen theme. Different background colors will be used for each post. This will look great when a user will scroll down the page. It will be fully responsive and will look equally great on different resolutions, screen sizes and devices.

A new GUI for WordPress menus

This will be a new and more intuitive user interface. It is hoped that WordPress beginners who don’t understand the menu system such as the menu drop down, tabs, choosing multiple menus will have an easier time with WordPress 3.6 since it will be easier for them to use and create all these menus.

Improved login notifications

The new login notification system will ask a user to login without leaving the page they were working on.

Code maintenance and architecture

There will be some under-the-hood updates in the WordPress 3.6 release, most of which will be dealing with caching and performance issues. Database related things that are going to change including; the mysql_functions deprecated in PHP therefore WordPress 3.6 will start moving toward support of PDO extensions for serving database connectors, and the UNIQUE constraint will be removed for the slug in wp_terms.

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