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What to expect from the new Pinterest re-Design

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Pinterest is the latest platform to attempt a redesign. Since it became popular a few years ago, a number of changes have been made to the virtual pinboard platform by the team at Pinterest HQ. And now there are more changes they intend to make in order to increase engagement levels and aid discovery even more with a redesign which has already been rolled out to a selected number of users overnight. The new Pinterest design look attempts to improve upon the visual appeal which helped it become the fourth most popular social media platform in the world. Though the changes are subtle, they will hopefully improve the user browsing experience.

Today when a pin is selected, a popup, and quick view version of the pin appears in the middle of the screen. Then a small description, the ability to comment, options to like or Repin, and a small recap of the interactions that the pins had appear.

Some of the new redesign features to be expected include:

Navigation Elements: Navigation elements such as following, categories, every pin and popular have been moved to one location in order to make the navigation more intuitive. All these elements will move to fall under a single drop down element on the left hand side of the page, which is right next to the search box, this will be the case instead of having multiple links.

More Content: The new site design promises bigger pins that will display pins from, other boards the pin was pinned to, the same board, and more related pins. This is because the use of images on pinterest is what captures a user’s attention and gets them to click.

Faster Load Times: This is because it is a site that is built on graphical images, and waiting around for things to load is not ideal. In this regard Pinterest promises some behind the scenes improvements that will make things work faster.

Web and Mobile Interface: Pinterest is also looking to improve both the web and mobile interface. Since there has been a huge disconnect between the web and mobile pinterest experience, designers are working on creating a seamless browsing experience on all mediums.The mobile application has been riddled with technical and functional issues since its inception. Pinterest released a new iPad and iPhone application update. The new version 2.2 will help you to edit and delete pins. In addition, you will be able to delete pins on your Apple device.

Other Features: There is a lot of information related to pins and pins that can be used on the same borad. Pins are useful, as when we click a pin the images will get broader reducing the white borders. All this plays to the whole visual focus of Pinterest. You will also get thumbnails of other recommended pins from the user that originally posted the pin. More exploration is encouraged with the new pin, and recommendations of things that you might like to see by your viewing history is now effective.

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