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WordPress Development

How WordPress developers can create your dream website

Why WordPress?

Did you know that over 40 percent of websites use WordPress? It has evolved from a blogging platform into a highly versatile content management system (CMS). It’s open source, meaning it is free and redistributable.  WordPress is excellent for business owners who lack technical skills to create their own website.  It is also great for website developers due to its high customisability.  WordPress is consistently pushing the boundaries of what is available within the CMS world. In this digital space, a professional and unique website is essential to maintain a strong online presence.

WordPress theme and plugin customisation

The beauty of WordPress is in its customisation.  In terms of themes and plugins, there are a plethora of free options available.  This means you can create your dream business website with the aesthetic and functionality of your choosing.  Although WordPress comes with pre-built themes and plugins, there are premium options available for a fee.  Often these are more customisable and provide customer support.

Our Spark WordPress developers can create a unique theme specific to your business, modify existing themes and customise new plugins to meet your needs.

Benefits of WordPress

The numerous benefits of WordPress are the reason it’s so popular. They include:

Easy customisation and simple user interface

Search engine optimisation to improve website traffic and your Google ranking

Software Integration

Thousands of themes and plugins

Mobile optimisation to improve user experience

Customer support


Modern WordPress development workflow

Due to its usability and easy customisation, many WordPress developers fail to follow modern development best practice. This means there can be poor coding, which is costly to maintain.  It is actually a money-saving strategy to use proven software design principles to get it right the first time.  WordPress developers that follow appropriate practices create quality code that is readable, modular, reusable and maintainable.

Techniques for WordPress developers to create best practice code include:

  • Version control
  • Separate development environments
  • WordPress command-line interface (WP-CLI)
  • Advanced deployment options
  • Linting

With proper project workflow, best practice for the front end includes:

  • Use Modern Tooling: Sass and ES6+
  • Transition from jQuery to React or Vue.js
  • Use WordPress REST API
  • Learn Gutenberg

WordPress development learning paths

Theme development
Most developers begin their WordPress journey with theme development. Theme development requires all three core development languages - great for developers to learn how WordPress integrates with its many components. This also means you can view the code for other themes, helping WordPress developers learn how they are created. Developing a theme from scratch is an excellent way to understand WordPress.
Plugin development
Plugin development is often not attempted by beginner WordPress developers as many things can go wrong with a poorly written plugin. Those with prior knowledge of PHP and are attempting to solve a problem with WordPress are likely to initially go down this track. You can alter a default WordPress installation into whatever you desire with great plugins. The sky's the limit!
Core development
Three design options will then be presented to you where we feature the logo, the colour selection and a rationale for each design. Core development involves going into the code software to make or suggest changes which impact WordPress as a whole. This requires a high level of skill and should be avoided by individuals without PHP experience. Not for the newbie WordPress developers!

Our Perspective

Here at Spark, we believe WordPress development requires a deep understanding of WordPress and is based on the infrastructure of PHP programming. This includes understanding the WordPress core as well as the development of themes and plugins – all of which are frequently overlooked by common WordPress users. At Spark, our highly skilled WordPress developers that can take care of all aspects of the development for you.

Let our WordPress developers create your own customised website designed specifically for your business.

WordPress Developer FAQs

  • Spark Interact lives and breathes WordPress sites. We custom develop our websites to your specific needs and ensure it is scalable and can expand as your business grows.  The process involves designing visuals, development or “building” the site, adding content, testing, migration of the site and setting it live.  Working with your scope and our recommendations, we ensure that your website is developed to the standard it deserves with minimal plugins, optimisation, accessibility and future editing easability.

We’re committed to helping you with any of your current or future web development problems. Driven by a dedicated project manager, our Spark difference is our ability to understand and tackle your specific needs.  Our foolproof process is broken into phases designed to ensure your satisfaction at each stage. With an experienced in-house team with specialised knowledge in web development, we’re prepared to help provide you with competitive solutions.

The cost of your project is dependent on the specifics of your website. Factors that influence this include features, functionalities and number of pages required.  After our Spark specialists get a clear picture of your requirements, they can provide you with an accurate quote.  You can rest assured you are getting a complete WordPress solution with costs inclusive of hosting, design, development and copywriting.

Absolutely. Here at Spark we pride ourselves on reaching our client’s targets in a timely manner. We collaborate with you to determine an achievable project timeframe. You tell us when and we will deliver.

We highly recommend WordPress for all businesses that come our way asking for web development. It’s a modern platform that can support your business throughout its growing stages. With an abundance of plugins, themes, pre-build SEO and future customisation options, your website won’t be limited when it comes to WordPress.

At Spark we pride ourselves with how we service our customers. Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager who will oversee the process of your web development.  Spark will stay with your business throughout future projects and will be there to assist with any website maintenance.  Website maintenance is integral to ensure your new website remains in tip top shape.

Spark Interact is dedicated to each and every client. Our web developers take the weight off your shoulders, being well-versed and confident in WordPress development. We’re ready to deliver customised and optimal web development solutions for your business, with the benefit of having your own project manager to ensure quality and timely delivery.