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World First Clinical Trial App

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Spark Interact builds the World First Clinical Trial App for Iphone and Android.

The ClinTrial Refer App is now available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Marketplace. Developed as an aid for doctors to locate active clinical trials for their patients, the app has been well received by the the medical industry and the media. 

Access to breakthrough treatments at your fingertips

A world-first smart phone application which connects patients and doctors to clinical trials is now available to download.

ClinTrials Refer is a free and easy-to-use application developed by haematologists and clinical trial teams at Concord Hospital (Sydney Local Health District) and St George Hospital (South Eastern Sydney Local Health District).

With ClinTrials Refer, users simply search through fields including tumour/disease and hospital location to access suitable trials and potentially gain life-changing treatments.

The Director of the Clinical Research Unit and senior staff specialist at the haematology department of Concord Hospital, Associate Professor Judith Trotman, said this was an exciting milestone which would increase patient access to treatment options and help doctors screen and refer patients with blood-related diseases to suitable clinical trials.

“The digital age has pushed us to think of new and better ways to reach doctors, researchers and our patients. This app is one answer. We can now make many more doctors and patients aware of suitable trials to help treat blood diseases, and importantly improve patients’ quality of life,” Associate Professor Trotman said.

“Ultimately, it will help clinicians and researchers get closer to breakthrough treatments for blood

cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma and blood clotting disorders,” she said.

Cathy Marsh, 59, knows all too well the value of participating in clinical trials. Diagnosed with a chronic myelodysplasia, evolving into leukaemia, Ms Marsh went on to participate in the Australian Leukaemia Lymphoma Group Myelodysplasia Study.

“Thanks to the trial I have been on a treatment plan that is improving my health with blood

readings coming in within the normal range,” Ms Marsh said.

“Anything that helps people to be more aware of clinical trials is a good thing as they can access treatment to help manage their condition.

“Having the information at your fingertips is great. As a patient you often sit in waiting rooms, which is the perfect opportunity to search the app and then have a chat to your doctor to see if the trial is right for you,” Ms Marsh said.

“We are really grateful to patients like Ms Marsh who participate in clinical trials. It is thanks to their help and trust in our care that we have had so many breakthrough therapies for blood disorders in the new millennium. Our patients are living longer and better,” Associate Professor Trotman said.

Sydney Local Health District Media Unit

Tel 9515 9607 A/Hours 0409 243 544 Email

The app is automatically updated monthly from information provided by the Haematology Clinical

Research Network NSW, which has been providing a list of trials to haematologists since 2010.

One of the network’s pioneering members, haematology clinical trials unit manager from St George Hospital, Roslyn Ristuccia, said the list provided to haematologists had already increased patient cross-referral to trials.

“By a simple but effective collaboration we are already making a large difference to patient lives. Imagine what can now be achieved with this easy to use and highly accessible app,” Ms Ristuccia said.

While ClinTrials Refer is a NSW Haematology application, it is a template that can be applied across any research portfolio both nationally and internationally.

For more information, or to interview Associate Professor Judith Trotman, please contact Caline Haddad from Sydney Local Health District on 9515 9606 or at

The team behind the app

ClinTrials Refer is a project of the NSW Network of Haematology Clinical Research Sites, which includes the following hospitals: Calvary Mater Newcastle; Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Concord, Gosford, Lismore, Liverpool, Nepean, Port Macquarie, Prince of Wales, Royal North Shore, Royal Prince Alfred, St George/Sutherland, St Vincents, Tweed, Westmead and Wollongong.

The project was led by: St George Hospital:

  • Haematology Clinical Trials Unit Manager Roslyn Ristuccia;
  • Consultant Haematologist and Director of Haematology Professor Beng Chong.

Concord Hospital:

  • Director, Clinical Research Unit and Senior Staff Specialist, Haematology Department, Concord Hospital Associate Professor Judith Trotman;
  • Haematology Clinical Trials Unit Manager Admir Huseincehajic.

ClinTrials Refer is now available for download from the App Store (iPhone, iPad users) or Google Play (Android users).

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